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At Vigh Landscape & Snowplowing we understand that West Michigan winters present some unusual challenges for property owners.

Vigh Landscape Management can help you this winter by keeping your parking lots and sidewalks cleared of snow and ice. Our goal is to insure that the day-to-day operations and activities of your facility occurs uninterrupted no matter how bad the winter weather may be.

Vigh Landscape Management provides commercial snow plowing and snow removal services that satisfy the demands of large and small businesses, property management companies, churches, hospitals, office complexes, schools, HOA’s and condominiums, restaurants, gas stations, parking lots and shopping malls throughout the Greater Grand Rapids and Walker area.

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Get The Job Done Right Every Time is the assurance we make to every client and it guides everything we do.. from bidding on contracts to delivering services.

No Underbidding Policy… To Avoid Poor and Inconsistent Service

Snowplowing providers are notorious for underbidding to get jobs but then find they can’t provide the service level they promised. The results is that your snow is not getting plowed on time.

The problem with underbidding is that you end up with poor, inconsistent service during winter storms because there isn’t enough equipment to get the snow removed on time.

That’s why VIGH has a No Underselling Policy. We’re always going to base our bids on the right amount of equipment and people needed to get your job done even in the heaviest of winter storms.

Specialize in Zero-Tolerance Contracts for High Risk Sites

VIGH offers a Zero-Tolerance Contract to companies and organizations that can’t afford any delays or downtime. An example is a manufacturing facility that loses hundreds of thousands or evens millions of dollars when operations are halted because the parking lot isn’t plowed and employees can’t get to work.

In High-Risk cases like these, VIGH offers a special Zero-Tolerance Contract where we will promise that your operations will not be interrupted by snow in the parking lot. We will allocate the equipment needed to get your parking lot cleared on time, every single time.

No Site is Too Large

VIGH specializes in snowplowing and deicing for large commercial and municipal sites. We have 28 years of serving schools, hospitals, municipalities, hotels, office parks, malls, shopping centers, city arenas, and other large clients.

No Excuses

There are no good excuses when it comes to bad service. As a VIGH client, you’re not going to hear VIGH offering excuses such as broken-down equipment or sick employees. We consider it our responsibility to be prepared to get your job done no matter what. That’s what you can count on.

The Right Equipment & Experience

VIGH has a fleet of 15 different units including front-end loaders, plow trucks, skidsteers, parking lot salt trucks, sidewalk plowing & deicing machines, loaders, backhoes, and more. We have the experience and all the equipment required to meet your winter needs.

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  • VIGH Snow Plowing
  • VIGH Snow Plowing
  • VIGH Snow Plowing
  • VIGH Snow Plowing
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  • VIGH Snow Plowing

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Ron Vigh is the owner and operator of VIGH Landscape. He’s been in the business for over 25 years and he brings his knowledge and expertise to each client we serve.

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